Please remember that all the art products you will need for the workshops and classes are available at Frendz Art & Craft Supplies at a discounted price.   We work very hard to get you the best prices possible.

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Classes with Val Shaw

Val is a Perth based artist who works in a whole variety of mediums and teaches classes from beginner to intermediate levels.

These classes are held every Monday morning from 9.30 to 12.30 at Frendz. If you are interested in attending, or just want more information then please contact us

Drawing Classes

These classes are held every Thursday morning from 9.30 to 12.30 at Frendz. If you are interested in attending, or just want more information then please contact us.


Ann is a very gifted pastel artist and is a very popular teacher at Frendz Art & Craft Supplies.   Her love for pastels and art is contagious and together with her bubbly personality students love her workshops!  You will be amazes what you will be taking home after one of Ann’s workshops!    It is a priviledge to have her as teacher.    Her workshops are always fully booked and you need to act fast to get a spot!!   Go to her website,  to look what her abilities are.
If you are interest in her workshops, go to our program to see when she is teaching.   It is important that you contact her directly at tel 0418921701 or email to book.   You need to pay in advance to book a place at Ann’s pastel workshops.


Renata is a very popular and talented watercolour artist.   Her well organized workshops and great knowledge of art together with her lovely personality, makes her classes very popular.   Her workshops are very relaxed and the artwork that results from these workshops are amazing.    This workshops are fully booked very soon.    You need to contact Renata to book a workshop.   Information is on our home page.   Please remember to pay in advance to ensure a space at this workshop.   You can look at her work on her website


Geoff start with his oil painting classes at the end of last year. His is a very talented and inspiring artist with a huge knowledge of oils.   He is absolutely passionate about teaching students the correct way of using oil pants as well as all the other mediums that you will use with your paintings. He is more than willing to share his knowledge to his student in order to help them to become great artists as well!!  Please contact him to book a class or workshop.   All the info are on our home page.   Please pay in advance to ensure your place at his workshop.




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