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Pastel Workshop with Ann Steer


Ever wanted to learn to paint?  Pastels are a wonderful medium, whether you are a beginner or want to learn new techniques please join me.  This 7-week course will give you a great understanding of all aspects of pastel painting.  I am a pastel artist and paint our wonderful coastal beaches.   I will guide you what brand of pastel to use when and where and what colour board to use for each individual painting.

When:            Term Dates:  11 July to 22 August 2018

Where:           Frendz Art and Craft Supplies, Pensacola Terrace, Clarkson

Price:             $165 for 7 weeks – Choose from morning or afternoon session


Session 1 – Wednesday Mornings – 10am to 12 noon

Session 2 – Wednesday Afternoons – 1pm to 3pm

My classes start from a position of encouraging students to paint in their own style.  I strongly encourage people to view images and translate what they see in their own special way.  I am passionate about colour and will show you how to use it to enhance your work.  I will encourage you to try new things, and push you out of your comfort zone by experimenting with new techniques.  As a teacher, I am generous in sharing knowledge and provide you with live demonstrations. Above all, this is a class to have fun painting what we are passionate about.

During the term you will learn:

  • About capturing the perfect composition
  • Using the correct colour palette
  • How to capture brilliant light into your paintings and create wonderful depth from a good understanding of colour, tone, perspective and form.
  • How to use shadows to create undulating waves, understanding what colours to use for creating wet and dry sand, adding footprints in the sand and the various techniques for plant foliage depending on the season and time of day.
  • The way to create dynamic waves, the use of shadow and light to capture various wave formations and painting the difference between deep water and shallow water.
  • How to create mood and atmosphere in your stormy sky and sunset paintings

Phone 0418 921 701


Watercolour Workshops with Renata Wright

Acrylic Painting Classes with Janey Emery

Janey has been painting fulltime since 1991 and has attained a high degree of respect in the art world from peers and art lovers alike.  Janey has won numerous distinguished artistic awards for her work and sold many paintings throughout Australia and overseas.   This talented artist is achieving the recognition her distinctive artistic talents deserve.   We are very proud that she is available for teaching in the shop.   Her work can be viewed on

Thursday:  10:00 – 13:00


Contact artist for bookings.

Oil Painting Classes with Geoff Kay

Geoff has been working with oils for more than forty years.   He is an experienced and excellent artist and teacher well known in the art world.

To learn how to be part of these classes you need to book in at the shop at 9407 8860.

This is a very popular art to learn in a very relaxed atmosphere.

The first four lessons will be an introductory course and you will paint a still life.  All the paints and mediums are provided during the four weeks.   You only need to purchase a canvass.   The cost for these classes will be $40 per class and will run for approximately three hours.

If you want to continue with this art, you need to buy your own materials.   The cost will be $40 per class of 5 to 6 hours.   Geoff will always be here to help and teach you.

The classes are held on the following days:

Mondays        10am – 4pm

Wednesdays 10 am – 4 pm

Fridays           Noon – 5pm

Saturdays      10 am – 4pm

Drawing and Acrylic Classes with Val Shaw

Val Shaw is a soft-spoken, lovely and talented lady with a caring nature. It is a pleasure and privilege to have an artist teaching here with such a calm and loving way of working with people.   She is an excellent artist as well!!

Val is the Gallery Curator Coordinator Joondalup at Joondalup Community Arts Association.   She studied in South Africa at UNISA and has a BA degree in Fine Arts.   She also studied at the Natal Technikon and received a diploma in Textiles and Applied Arts.

She is an award-winning Mixed Media Artist and Sculptor.   She is an educator, researcher and workshop facilitator.  Her motto is “Create not only art, create a better world”.   And she is truly doing this…

If you want to book in for Val’s classes you need to contact her at 0416 192 234 or e-mail her at

The timetable for her classes are as follows:

Mondays        9.30am – Noon         –           Acrylics

Mondays        2pm – 4.30pm           –           Acrylics

Thursdays     9.30am – Noon          ­-           Drawing