Frendz Art and Craft Supplies is part of Clarkson’s art scene since 2006 and carries an expansive range of beads, rubber stamps, ribbon, embellishments, cardstock, scrapbook paper, mosaic tiles, pewter and much more. If you are looking for something special, visit us and let our friendly staff assist you with your specific need. Frendz Art & Craft Supplies also carries a comprehensive line of quality art supplies from all the leading manufacturers. Products include paints, brushes, pencils, pastels, easels and canvasses just to name a few. And don’t forget our array of workshops – all of which are hosted by professionals! Whether you’re a professional artist or a beginner, Frendz will easily and conveniently fulfill all your art supply needs. We’re your one stop!

Our Coffee Shop


Our Coffee Shop offers a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere where artists can meet and discuss their work, and students attending our workshops can relax between sessions.  We also serve light meals of good quality at very reasonable prices. Call in for a coffee and a chat – we’d love to see you!


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11 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi,
    I am writing from the U.S.A.
    I am a jeweler planning to teach pewter embossing. I have done a lot of gold/silver repousse and chasing- but not pewter. I have some 0.015 lead free sheet pewter but am afraid it will be too hard/thick for some of my students to form without hammers like traditional repousse in pitch. I have no idea who might supply this thinner pewter besides you! Everytime I look, all of the suppliers are in Australia…and my order time may be a problem. Also I need to find something to fill the hollows with while working to hold the form (other than pitch)…some kind of plastic that gives but also holds. Additionally I am wondering what basic hand tools would be good to order. I have a lot of chasing tools but am afraid to contaminate them with pewter…
    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Hi Angela, you are very welcome. Please phone us at tel 94078860 and arrange for a time that suit us all. Kind Regards

  3. Hi… do you still do classes for your interactive scrapbooks. There are 3 of us who would like to participate.

  4. Hi Seema,
    Unfortunately you will have to arrange this with Val. At the front page of the website http://www.frendz.com.au you find our calendar monthly program and direct underneath it you must click on “click here for more info on the workshops” There you will find the info.

  5. Hi Wilna,
    I would like to join the Monday morning acrylic painting with Val. Could you please eamil me the cost of each class. Does it go for a term ?

    Kind Regards

  6. Hi Christine
    We had a look for the earring but unfortunately we couldn’t find it. We hope that she will find it.

  7. Hi Wilna, asking for some help with lost & found, if you could please. Sandra lost her silver whale tail earring in your carpark today ( after acrylics class with Ann this morning ) I won’t be in tomorrow ( for pastels with Ann) as she asked if I would look for her too, and was wondering if you have time would you be so kind to have a quick look for it. If found could you keep it aside for her please, would greatly apriciate it.
    Thank you very much & best regards
    from Christine.

  8. Thank you Libbie for such a positive review. We try our best to satisfy the needs of art and craft lovers and to be there for them with any help they need.
    Kind Regards
    The Frendz team

  9. What a great store and with so much stock. The prices seem reasonable. Love the layout and the choice of supplies, plus the fact you can grab a coffee after browsing.

  10. Hi Col
    Our pewter A4 sheets are $25.00 per sheet. Postage and packaging is approximately $10.00

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