Pewter Workshops (Metal Embossing)


  • We have workshops on pewter every Wednesday from 10:00 – 13:00;
  • Cost will be $25.00 for the first lesson, materials excluded.   The piece of pewter you will use will cost between $5 – $10.   All the other tools, chemicals etc. you will need are provided in class;
  • We have lots of books with patterns for you to choose and get ideas from.   You can also bring your own picture;
  • We shall teach you the basic techniques in the first workshop.   You will then be able to create your own pewter masterpiece  – also in the first workshop;
  • If you want to join in for some more workshops in pewter the cost will be $10.00 per workshop.   Our help will always be available if you get stuck.
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Pewter MaterialsDSC_0350

We are suppliers of the following pewter materials:

  • Pewter sheets, thick and lead free (best quality available), imported directly from the factory to keep costs low;
  • Ball Tools
  • Modelling Tools
  • Tracers
  • Paper Stump
  • Teflon Tools
  • Beeswax
  • Pewter Patina
  • Copper Patina
  • Cutters
  • Patterned WheelsDSC_0349
  • Brass Brushes

These classes are very popular and relaxing.   We have ladies coming regularly from all over Perth, for more than a year to enjoy this form of craft.  We have experience in this craft for 15 years and are still enjoying every moment of working with pewter!!

We supply an extensive range of beads and related craft materials including:


• Seed beads
• Acrylic Silverlined Beads
• Indian Glass Beads
• Swarovski Crystals
• Semi-precious stones


• Bead Caps – Antique Bronze and Antique Silver
• Calottes Double Hole – Bronze, Copper and Antique Silver
• Crimp Tube – Antique Bronze, Antique Silver, Gold
• Earring Wire – Antique Bronze and Antique Silver
• Eyepins – 70mm and 40mm – Gold, Nickel and Antique Bronze
• Handbag Clasp – Antique Silver
• Headpins – Black Nickel, Gold, Antique Bronze
• Hoop Earrings/ Wineglass Charm – Silver
• Jumprings – Bronze, Gold, Antique Silver, Nickel
• Lobster Claw – Anrique Bronze, Nickel
• Pendant Pins – Silver, Antique Bronze
• Ribbon Ends – Nickel
• Spacers – Daisy, Flower, Square, Swirl. three hole, two hole, Heart, Butterfly.
• Split Rings – Nickel, Bronze
• Springends – Nickel, Bronze
• Table Weight Clips – Silver
• Toggle Clasp – Antique Silver, Antique Bronze, Nickel

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